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What is now called R82 Inc. today was formaly known as Snug Seat, Inc. It was started in 1987 by Janet and Kirk MacKenzie, and Carlisle and Norman Scott, to distribute an innovative product developed in Scotland for children who required postural assistance to sit properly. The product, appropriately called the Snug Seat, was immediately embraced by the U.S. medical community which opened our eyes to the lack of appropriate products for our kids. Our success allowed us to expand our focus to include developing and manufacturing new products to enable children with special needs to live a better and more inclusive life-style.

In 1996 Snug Seat became the North American distributor for R82 A/S, a Danish company with the same commitment to helping children. This alliance allowed R82 to gain a foothold in North America and provided Snug Seat access to products that had a reputation for design, function, and manufacturing excellence. The relationship was so successful that R82 acquired a controlling interest in Snug Seat in 1998 and complete ownership in 2011.  R82 was acquired by Etac AB of Sweden in late 2011, and Snug Seat took over North American distribution of most Etac products for the US in 2013.  The Etac products we distribute include the Etac hygiene, ADL and manual wheelchair lines, as well as patient handling products from Etac’s subsidiaries, Molift and Immedia.

On September 15, 2015, Snug Seat Inc. officially changed its name to R82 Inc. R82 products are sold through over 1,500 U.S. and Canadian dealers, and a worldwide distribution network including R82 owned subsidiaries in Germany, England, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Australia. We continue to develop and manufacture innovative products under the R82 label, and we distribute other high quality pediatric products from world class manufacturers such as Britax.

The R82 Group motto is “nothing compares to a smile”. We will always strive to put a smile on the faces of the children who use our products, the caregivers who lovingly attend to our kids, and the therapists and dealers who recommend us.




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