R82 Profile and history

R82 produces technical aids and appliances for disabled children and young people throughout the whole world. Based in Denmark with Subsidiary Companies and Sales Representatives in England, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, China, the USA, and Australia we develop products tailored to individual needs. Through comprehensive development R82 is constantly moving forward - but without compromising quality of service and closeness to the customer.

Distributors in more than 40 countries spread over most of the globe ensure personal support – even after the product has been delivered.

The objective of each and every R82 employee is: adjustment to individual needs to provide the child the greatest possible freedom – in a world in movement.

As part of the Etac Group, we believe that everyone should be able to live a free and independent life and persue their dreams regardless of any physical circumstances. 

In 1982 R82 was started by three entrepreneurs, Erik Ernst, Flemming Møller and Lars Lykke.

R82 started under modest conditions in the founders’ private homes. The strength of the collaboration between Erik and Flemming was Erik’s eye for spotting what was needed and the potential at the schools and institutions which he visited and where he met the children, combined with Flemming’s practical skills and creativity. Their cooperation resulted in new and original products – products which were unmistakably R82.

Through the years R82 has developed as a strong brand within children’s rehabilitation. International distribution including own sales companies in important markets has been established, and children, families and care takers in large part of the world benefit daily from our products. While the motto “nothing compares to a smile” might not have been formulated from day one, it was and continues to be an underlying element in R82’s expansion. With a directness, an informal approach to the work and with ample space for individual creativity, the company has grown into a successful international enterprise. Often, the – almost – impossible has been made possible, and each time solutions have been found from which only a single child or maybe thousands benefit greatly on a daily basis. Nothing has been too small, nor too large.

On the back of its many years of experience and deep insight, R82 is well geared for continued development. Children with special needs are found everywhere, and it is R82’s ambition to help improve the daily lives of these children. Since 2012 R82 has been a 100% owned company within the Etac Group.


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