Caribou Size 4, Grey


These products have been used by our dealers and sales representatives as demonstration units. All products are in perfect working condition.  

Caribou Size 4 

Tag Number 1869

The Caribou size 4 is appropriate for children weighing up to 220.5 lbs.

Description: The Caribou is built with a base board and a series of optional upper body supports are available to provide the optimum freedom of movement. A good standing position can be achieved for people with spasticity, contractors and circulatory deficiencies.

This Caribou is in good condition with light scratches and carries a three year warranty on the frame. The frame is metallic grey.

Retail Price: $3645 Demo Cost: $950  

All sales are final and may require minimal assembly.

Call Customer Service for assistance  1-800-336-7684


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