Manatee sz. 2, Blue

These products have been used by our dealers and sales representatives as demonstration units. All products are in perfect working condition.  

Manatee Size 2, blue

Tag Number 1999

The Manatee size 2 is appropriate for children weighing no more than 165 lb.

Description: The bathing chair is designed to place the user in exactly the right sitting position. The depth of the seat, back angle, and lower leg can be adjusted, allowing the bathing chair to "grow" with the child and provides many years of use. The adjustments and accessories are logically positioned, affording the care-giver better working conditions.

A headrest/lateral support and hip belt are included as standard and a variety of accessories are available including leg straps, pommel, tub stand, rolling shower frame, and tub slider system.

This Manatee is in fair condition with a few scratches, and carries a one year frame warranty.   

Retail Price: $700  Demo Price: $275 

All sales are final and may require minimal assembly.

Call Customer Service for assistance  1-800-336-7684


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