Rabbit -Up _Brochure _Mockup _web
Rabbit Up

Learn more about Rabbit Up in our interactive brochure.

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Mockup _meerkat _brochure

Learn more about Meerkat in our interactive workbook.

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Caribou clinical
Caribou Clinical Folder

The standing position lifts the trunk and creates more space in the abdominal region, which results in better peristaltic movements.

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Rabbit -Up _Brochure _Mockup _web
Rabbit Up - measurement guide

Usefull measurement and camber angle guide for Rabbit Up.

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Measuring seating
Measuring for seating

Simple guide for correct measuring of your child.

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Transport chart
Frame and seat combinations

Choose the frame and seat combination and find the max. user load.

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x:panda side supports
x:panda - How to choose correct side supports

Fixed and swing-away side supports for the x:panda.

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Rabbit_Toucan height guide
Rabbit & Toucan - measuring guide

Useful measurement guide for choosing your standing aid.

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Xpanda -workbook -Mockup

Learn more about x:panda in our interactive workbook.

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Learn more about Mustang in our interactive workbook.

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Gazelle PS
Gazelle Workbook - a new interactive learning guide

Learn more about Gazelle PS in our interactive workbook.

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Case Stories

Taylor Image
Taylor Miller

Read how x:panda has helped Taylor and his family.

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Find out how abducted standing is helping Lily-Mae

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Isabella -premature -2

Read the touching and inspirational story about Isabella - told by mum Camilla.

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