Meet Thessa

R82 Wombat Solo case story 

We spent the morning with Thessa, her sister Thea and best friend Dicte baking delicious cupcakes and making a tasty mess in the kitchen.

Thessa is 7 years old and has Unilateral Spastic Cerebral Palsy. She walks independently in most settings and uses a manual wheelchair for longer distances. In school, Thessa uses a working chair to maximise her ability to learn and interact with her peers, instead of focusing her attention on staying in the upright position.

Thessa is an active child and enjoys participating in class, on the gymnastic team and visiting her favourite amusement park. Even though Thessa experiences fatigue when she participates, it is important for her to be as independent as possible, which her assistive devices all promote.

When using the Wombat Solo, Thessa was able to take control of her transfers and the adjustments of the chair. By using the handles under the seat, she was able to control the height, the tilt and the swivel functions of the chair independently. Furthermore the support allowed her to be in an optimum position to use her arms and hands for the various challenges in the kitchen during the day.
Thessa expressed how much she enjoyed using the Wombat Solo and even asked for one to use at home. She explained to us that it was very comfortable to sit in and easy to use.

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