FAQ's from our Sales Department

Q: What is the best way to measure my child for a Caribou Stander?

A: Please see pages 12 and 13 of the Caribou Clinical brochure.

Q: Parent...So, how long before we get ours?

A: That's a question that your dealer would need to address. We do not deal with the funding, but once your dealer places an order with us they should receive it within 5-7 business days.

Q: What are the most important measurements needed to get the right size Mustang?

A: standing height floor to groin, standing height floor to armpit, chest circumference

Q: I have a child that still slides forward in their seat in spite of the use of a four point seat belt. What accessory do you have to prevent sacral sitting and thrusting?

A: A Pelvic Harness

Q: Is the X:Panda seating system just for children with high tone?

A: No. While it is ideal for children with high tone, the ease of growth and adjustability make it a great choice for many applications. Plus you have the options of a stroller base, an indoor/outdoor high-low base or a wheelchair base. All of these bases have a less clinical look to them than traditional wheelchair bases, making them very appealing both visually and functionally.

Q: Can a child be transported in any of your mobility bases?

A: Yes. The Cheetah wheelchair, Stingray, Serval Frame, Multi Frame, Combi Frame, and the High-low:x Outdoor Frame for the x:panda, have all been crash tested and are available with tie-down attachments.

Q: We are looking for a "gait training device" that gives full suport for a developing ambulator and that can be "slimmed down" (parts and components may be removed) to allow for minimal assistance as the child develops skills and balance.

A: You may wish to look at the "new" Mustang gait training device. This can be used for the most challenging situations-plus the device can be minimalized and used both as an anterior and posterior device depending on the childs needs.

Q: (Traveller Plus) Typically, with a head restraint and tether you would lift the head restraint up and route under the head restraint (unless directed differently from the vehicle manufacturer). How do you attach when two tethers are needed?

A: The tether for the Traveller Plus EL would need to be routed so that the webbing will lay in the most natural/direct path to each tether anchor point. Typically this will mean that it will not go under the vehicle head restraint (usually around the head restraint posts). If the head restraint is removable, you could remove it, route the tether and then reposition the vehicle head restraint – if that allows the tether to lay in that most natural/direct path to the tether anchor points – that may put one side of the tether strap under the head restraint. 

Q: Child Restraint Re-use After Minor Crashes - what to do?

A: Read more.



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